Feelin’ Good

Feelin’ good だよ 寝る町で見つけた paradise. (Shout-out to Da Pump, a Japanese band I like(d a lot in 2000ish).) — I went to the Farmer’s Market in Westwood today. Actually, I went to get an Iced Caramel Macchiato, ez ice & ↑↓, ’cause I really wanted to walk outside ’cause it’s such a nice day, and I hadn’t been outside all day, ’cause I slept through … Continue reading Feelin’ Good

First Post!

Oh man, this is exciting! WordPress is so pretty, as expected. Mmmm… I’ve been thoroughly inspired by Matt Mullenweg today (clearly). Ahhh. I did laundry today! Yay clean clothes. :) When I first moved to college, I figured $3/load was too much for laundry, so I went home every two weeks or so. I still had a room at home, and so living in the … Continue reading First Post!