First Post!

Oh man, this is exciting! WordPress is so pretty, as expected. Mmmm…

I’ve been thoroughly inspired by Matt Mullenweg today (clearly). Ahhh.

I did laundry today! Yay clean clothes. :)
When I first moved to college, I figured $3/load was too much for laundry, so I went home every two weeks or so. I still had a room at home, and so living in the dorms was like a long summer camp. Now I live in an apartment and I do laundry here, and my room at home is someone else’s. Growing up happens when I’m not paying attention.

At some point, I’ll have to pay my own cell phone bills. That’s scary stuff! But thus far I’ve really enjoyed the greater responsibilities. I had a delicious dinner today: I made udon and Jenn made chicken. I like buying and cooking food.

On an unrelated note, I want a camera. I have an old digital camera that Mom gave me, but it runs out of batteries after an hour, so it’s almost useless. I use my iPhone a lot for pictures, but, well, it’s not a camera. Hum hum, is a camera (not a dslr) worth the investment? Probably!


One thought on “First Post!

  1. Sorry Layla! I’d have to disagree with buying a point and shoot unless you pay under $100 for it. Despite all the ‘specs’ that are thrown in your face when you shop around, every point and shoot digi-cam is going to give you the same quality.

    Not to mention how bad p&s digicams are in low-light situations (sans flash). It’s up to you, I’m just saying that a digicam ain’t worth it if it’s over $100.

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