MLK, Jr. and Greg Mortenson

Obama’s MLK, Jr. Day speech.

I really like MLK, Jr. because 1) he looks like a bear, d’aww and 2) I love his Dream speech, so inspiring. So I always like MLK, Jr. Day, and it makes me want to be a better person. So I watched this ^ video today, and thought about the messages of peace. Obama makes it seem like this world is a sad, sad place, a place where everyone needs to hold on to hope, because it’s not too pretty out there. But I disagree! I like this world. Maybe he just says that the world is harsh to make people really pumped up to make it better. But I’ve always been more of a positive-reinforcement kind of person. I’d rather have the world be good, and everyone living as good people because, why not?

Which brings me to another video.

This guy, Greg Mortenson, builds schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The bottom line is that education = peace. That educated girls spread their knowledge to their mothers and later to their own children. That violence comes from those who are starved of knowledge and are only taught hate. Greg Mortenson knows what’s important, and how to achieve his goal in a place where before there was just frustration, confusion, and hate. YAY Greg Mortenson!


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