Feelin’ Good

Feelin’ good だよ 寝る町で見つけた paradise. (Shout-out to Da Pump, a Japanese band I like(d a lot in 2000ish).)

I went to the Farmer’s Market in Westwood today. Actually, I went to get an Iced Caramel Macchiato, ez ice & ↑↓, ’cause I really wanted to walk outside ’cause it’s such a nice day, and I hadn’t been outside all day, ’cause I slept through my 8am & 9am class, for which I have a midterm tomorrow. YAY.

Anyway, so, I got some vegetables and fruits! Vegetables and fruits look so much better in sunlight. It’s actually cheaper to get them at Ranch 99, but we’re running out of vegetables and, you know, Be Green! Buy locally grown food! It feels good to ‘be green’.

We were talking about that in my Pop Culture to Scandinavia class on Tuesday, about how we want to be eco-friendly because it feels good. There are a lot of ‘green’ things that aren’t actually all that helpful (read Bjørn Lomborg’s stuff). Putting huge solar panels in the desert seems like a genius idea, but 1) it changes the ecosystem, to what degree we have yet to find out, and 2) we use A LOT of water (that we don’t have, here in CA) to clean the panels ’cause they need to be cleaned allll the time to work well. I’d never thought about that! Anyway, so the things we think are good are not always the greatest solution, and Lomborg says it’s better to fund more research (ie for more efficient solar panels) than to go out & buy ‘green’ products. He says people want to buy products anyway, ’cause it’s a more instant-gratification, feel-good thing to do, than put money in what, organizations? Research centers? How do you go about doing that?

Uh, yea, so, I think feeling good about being green is great! I’m always down for things that make me feel good about myself. But, I gueeeessssssss I should take up some of that skepticism. Being easily satisfied means I don’t strive for better things. Also, I don’t want to be shallow, I don’t want to want the bragging rights of being good.

But ya know, I am SO DAIN good, I don’t know how I do it. :^)


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