Sir Ken Robinson on education

Please listen to this really short amazing TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson. He’s funny and has VERY good points about what’s wrong with education today.

I really liked his point that the ultimate goal of current education systems is that everyone becomes college professors. We’re taught how to think systematically about life through mathematics, science, analysis, using the brain. Which, actually, I really like! But as I mentioned, I’m easily pleased with what the world offers, so current education is pretty good for me. If I were raised under another system, I’d probably still be happy. Anyway, I liked that point because, wow, not everyone wants to be college professors!? I forget that everyone is not me. I mean, I don’t wanna be a professor, but I want the brain/thoughts of a professor.

I want to embrace not just my brains, but my body as well! Like, I can’t run, but Homo sapiens survived (back when we were ‘in the wild’) because we’re good at running–I should really take advantage of this, and run more! But I do love dancing, and I do it a lot, so I’m not thaaaat stuck in my brain.

TED talks are really cool.


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