Year of the Tiger!

Actually, what I really wanted to say was: Dude, people who think they know what’s best, but don’t consider all the factors, are really UNCOOL.

I was at The Big Picture, looking at their suuuuper pretty pictures from the lunar new year, and then I get to the comments. Ugh. I don’t get how people who are interested in awesome things like The Big Picture can have really ignorant views of the world.

Comment 3: “Maybe the Chinese will stop eating them?”
Comment 7: “damn i hope some of them poor tigers get revenche for beeing locked” … seriously? But it’s okay because there was a counter-comment: “You may feel sorry for them, ilikeanimals (comment #7), but really, captivity is the only way to protect them in many of their native countries. The hunting problem is ridiculously high, and I really feel that only humans can keep them safe from other humans at this point.” Word.
Comment 29: “Captivity is one thing, but being chained on a short lead is cruel for any animal, let alone one such as a tiger. Why not have them in large habitat area similar to the better zoos and big cat sanctuaries? Habitat that has rocks, logs and trees for climbing, terrain variations with short and tall grasses and shrubs, pools for swimming, caves etc. Habitat that engages the animal and is more like its natural place than being chained to the dirt to sit in one spot.”
While this comment seems like really good advice, it’s completely ignorant of the fact that the captivity she’s talking about is of a monastery in Thailand that’s “dedicated to conservation.” Dude! They’re monks! They have no money. ‘Let’s make everything better!’ is not helpful where there is no means. They’re already doing so well! Duuhhhhh.

So pretty much, criticism without constructiveness is useless. I’m criticizing her narrow criticism. I don’t like criticism, in general, but I should really start thinking about everything a little more analytically, because being happy and content about everything leaves little room for improvement. C’mon Layla, BE MEANER! :)


One thought on “Year of the Tiger!

  1. Great post, and Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! I am a fan of that Big Picture site now; thanks for pointing it out :)

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