Grad school.

My stomach hurts from being so excited about going to grad school in Sweden. YAY: – Sweden! – Europe! – Free grad school. – FREE GRAD SCHOOL. – SLU = good Master’s programmes. – Future hot husband. :) – TOEFL = easy peasy. HMM? – Expensive living. – Culture shock? – Cold winters. – Which Master’s programme? – Do vets make much money in Sweden? … Continue reading Grad school.


It seems like whenever I cut my hair, I like to document it via drawing it. I got my tablet out (it’s been a while!) ’cause I wanted to use the mouse to play Minesweeper, ’cause it’s frustrating to play with a keypad. My new expert high score is 84 (on the iPhone)! Woo! Anyway, so my tablet was out, so I decided to draw. … Continue reading Drawing!

Spring Forward!

Spring officially starts this Saturday! Yay! I like Spring because it means colorful clothes in stores, not having to wear jackets, less proneness to loneliness, hopes, dreams, and unicorns. Whaaaat? I talked with a professor about working at his lab next quarter, for class credit. He mentioned it’d be great for my resumé, and that the work I’ll be helping out with will eventually lead … Continue reading Spring Forward!