Robot Unicorn Attack

For the last 45 minutes, I did this:
Robot Unicorn Attack

My highest score is 27K. Lowest score (which is hard to do!) is 576. HAHAHA.

Pretty much, I wasted my time playing Robot Unicorn Attack, BUT DUDE, HILARIOUS!!!!! It’s a little bit gory, but it’s a robot! And how could I ever get tired of this great song? Aaaaalways, I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, haaaarmony…

It starts with, “Open your eyes / I see, your eyes are open”!!!!!!!

In other news! I want these wood earrings from! I’m allergic to metal, so I’ve ignored my pierced ears (well, only one still has the hole), but I think it’s time to get WOOD ones! ‘Cause they’re cool!
Hypnotizers Taboos
So cute!


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