Spring Forward!

Spring officially starts this Saturday! Yay!

I like Spring because it means colorful clothes in stores, not having to wear jackets, less proneness to loneliness, hopes, dreams, and unicorns. Whaaaat?

I talked with a professor about working at his lab next quarter, for class credit. He mentioned it’d be great for my resumé, and that the work I’ll be helping out with will eventually lead to a paper. If that paper happens while I’m there, my grad school application will look fabulous. Sweet! I’m excited to work at this lab, ’cause I’ll be studying macroevolution, and the professor told me that since I already have more skills than the other undergrads (’cause I took his class on phylogeny methods), I can do more exciting tasks.

The classes I took this quarter changed my career perspective: now I wanna be a conservation biologist who studies macroevolution while being a veterinarian at a zoo! There are so many fields within ecology, it’s so exciting to finally take classes on these specific directions.

Oh, and I signed up to volunteer at UCLA’s botanical garden! It was an impulse decision, but those tend to be my favorite. I got to ride on a motor-cart with big bags of branches–eeeexciting!

I’m also looking for a job for next quarter. I might be over-loading… but the busier I am, the happier I am!


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