It’s an unfortunate paradox that the adventures I want to blog about are those that tire me out by the end of the day. And the most fun things happen when I’m too excited to be distracted by taking pictures. I went to Manzanar (WWII internment camp) yesterday for their annual pilgrimage. I wanted to cry at everything! I did cry at a lot of … Continue reading Manzanar

Group Identification

I’m taking a UCLA-student survey, and I just came across this question: Think about the type of person you are. With which, if any, of the following types of students at this campus do you personally identify? That is, which of these “college identities” describes who you are?: Artsy students Athletes/jocks Conservative students Feminist students Fraternity/sorority members Immigrant students Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or self-identified … Continue reading Group Identification


By jove, I’ve got it!! (Who says that? Sherlocke Holmes? Doctor whatshisname from Back to the Future?) I like sincerity in a person. Like kids! I like people like kids, who love things and get excited. And when they get hurt they cry, and when they want attention, they ask. When they get mad, they sulk, and you give them ice cream and they tell … Continue reading Sincerity