Getting things done!! ..?

Today I woke up at 7:45am (TOO EARLY WTHECK) to take a shower and get ready and go to my 9am class. But, uh, I played Minesweeper for ~10 minutes after shutting off my alarm. And then I almost went back up to my bed to snuggle in warmth (I’ve been doing that lately… bad idea). Minesweeper and sleep, MMM!

Anyway, so I took a shower and got ready, except I didn’t know what to eat for breakfast and I didn’t know what to pack for lunch, so I sat on the couch and played Minesweeper. And I was still sleepy, so I fell asleep.

Pretty much, the second I am faced with a dilemma, no matter how insignificant, my brain shuts off and I either play Minesweeper or fall asleep.

OH but back to the title!!:
I talked with my professor about research. We set up what I am to do (run simulations on the computer). I filled out the research contract. Tomorrow I will turn the paper in. CHECK.
The official letter of acceptance from Lund University got here, so I picked it up from the Education Abroad office. I asked my questions, and now I have nothing to do for that but to wait for financial aid. CHECK.
I cleared off all the clothes I piled onto my chair. Now I can sit in it! :D I organized my desk (ISH..), so now there is space for my laptop! CHECK.

I missed two classes today. Woops. But I’m a half-full kinda girl. I can easily catch up! Right? Right.

I had Starbucks with Dennis&Josh&Narie, browsed Farmer’s Market & finally checked out the clothes stores on Broxton Avenue with Narie, went to Amoeba with aforementioned&etc, ate Kogi, and had green tea with lichee jelly. Some call Wednesday “the hump” or “Woeful Wednesday,” but I beg to differ; this Wednesday was awesome!!

“Everything it seems I like’s a little bit sweeter, a little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me.”
^Okay, easily not true for me most of the time, but Rufus Wainwright! Love!

Oh, all I need to do is set myself up for success! Sleep earlier and keep a constant supply of cooked rice.

This entry reads very incoherently. It flowed much better in my head.


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