By jove, I’ve got it!! (Who says that? Sherlocke Holmes? Doctor whatshisname from Back to the Future?)

I like sincerity in a person. Like kids! I like people like kids, who love things and get excited. And when they get hurt they cry, and when they want attention, they ask. When they get mad, they sulk, and you give them ice cream and they tell you what was wrong.

Clearly kids have really annoying parts, like prejudice and tantrums, but people get over those by the time they grow up. Hopefully.

Anyway, “you’ve gotta be sincere. You gotta feel it here, ’cause if you feel it here, well then you’re gonna be honestly sincere.” – Honestly Sincere, Bye Bye Birdie (musical)

I’m watching Joseph and the Amazing Colorcoat next Wednesday! My favorite musical, second time this year!


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