Group Identification

I’m taking a UCLA-student survey, and I just came across this question:
Think about the type of person you are. With which, if any, of the following types of students at this campus do you personally identify? That is, which of these “college identities” describes who you are?:
Artsy students
Conservative students
Feminist students
Fraternity/sorority members
Immigrant students
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or self-identified queer students
Liberal students
Partiers [haha]
Religious or spiritual students
Slackers [HAHA]
Students from very poor backgrounds
Students from very rich backgrounds
Students in my major or field of interest
Students involved in my campus organization
Students of my racial or ethnic background
Students who are serious about getting good grades
Students with disabilities
Transfer students

I can’t even click one to identify with (oh no, ending with a preposition!). The next question asks which one I identify the most with. The third question is which one I least identify with. Dude!

I suppose if someone asked me about my UCLA experience, I would mostly talk about my major. And I’m a slacker, but I’m not very proud of it. And, dude, LEAST??

These questions are so hard to answer!


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