Summer summary.

I reread my Xanga entry from a year ago, and: Dayuuum, I’ve only had my phone for a year??

Sweden was everything I wanted it to be: beautiful land, cool designs, easy-going people. I’m thoroughly excited for my life there. The summer there is an explosion of happiness–towns host summer music festivals, everyone goes to the beach, people eat ice cream alldayeveryday. MAN, I loved it.

The people I met on the trip were great. Mostly I hung out with the kids on the same UC Study Abroad Program & since we were all from California, we got along pretty naturally. Mostly mostly though, I hung out with a guy who is now my boyfriend. :D Summer loving, had me a blast.

Romancing in Europe is seriously the best times. Walking down cobblestone streets, hand-in-hand with a crush.. ahhh. I realized that I would be totally broken if those became bittersweet memories just ’cause I wanted a fling, so we decided to stay together back here in California. Good deal!

I don’t know where I’m going with this entry, so I’m stopping. I’m training at my new part-time job tomorrow, woo! INCOME!


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