Heat Wave = Whiney Rant, but also I am happy!

I need to take a shower. ‘u’;;

I got way better internet (DSL –> TWC, it’s at least fast enough to let me surf normally)! FINALLY.

I’m living at home at the moment, and it’s got its ups and downs. I hate not having my own room, and that all my STUFF is in another house. Also that any bed that’s not mine is too hot and doesn’t have my lions. :( Living with Mommy is also great but a little bit ugh, in the normal way that parents go. She takes me out to eat, and buys me stuff, which is way cool! But she doesn’t know how to set up technologies, and while I don’t mind doing it, I don’t like her nagging at me to do it. If you can’t do it, please be nice to me while I try! But Boyfriend said that’s exactly what parents should use their kids for, since, whattheheck, I AM her daughter. I like it when Boyfriend makes me stop being whiney. :)

It’s HOT, and I don’t do well in warm weather. I am constantly on the verge of being cranky. When the AC is on, I am so perfectly my good old happy self, but once it’s off, I have the need to vent the bubbly irritation of heat. I don’t even make sense. :I As you can tell, the AC is off right now.

Uh, I started this entry with the intention of making it nice. Hahaha.

Oh, right, the ups of my current life! Boyfriend’s texts are cute and I smile for like, 10 minutes before I fall asleep every night. :) :) I’m on my ‘endless summer’ until January, so really, what have I got to complain about? I never noticed that I was so attached to all the things I had until I went to the other house a few days ago and looked through my still-packed boxes for little necessities and kept coming across the things I love — pictures, manga, I don’t even know. Things that I always had on my desk? I am no longer surrounded every day with cute things and it wears me out to not be.

I could just go live at the other house, but then it’d take me 2 busses / 1.5 hours to get to work every Tue/Thur (as opposed to the 1 bus / 45 min that I do now). And I’d be living with my mom’s bf, who is always at home because it’s his office. Just sounds so.. ughh.

Pretty much, I am spoiled and I wanna live in an apartment in LA with my friends and my boyfriend and I wanna have dinner with my mom all the time but not live with her, and I want my Acura Legend back. Brother, please get a new car for yourself. You totally deserve it, and you have a real job! Woo!


I just took a shower, so I’m feeling much more cheery! And the weather’s supposed to get better by the end of the week. Pheeeeeew!

And at my work, they changed the radio from The WAVE (UGH, after like, two hours) to MyFM. Yay! And I’m reading Three Cups of Tea on my (formerly Mom’s) Kindle. I like nonfiction inspiring books! I like reading! I get way too absorbed into the book though, so I must always make sure to stop at a happy part, so I don’t carry around the weight of Greg Mortenson’s difficult life with me when I don’t need to.

I’ve got bug bites on my feet and I don’t like them. :T!!

To end on a bright note, this is Plain White T’s new song Rhythm of Love:
I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the past week. (♥ ‘ u ‘ ♥)


2 thoughts on “Heat Wave = Whiney Rant, but also I am happy!

  1. =D Just can’t have everything in life huh? At least it’s a whole lot colder now… (brrr… a bit too cold on my side of the town)

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