I miss school.

More specifically, I miss choir. Singing with direction from a conductor, singing for the notes and melodies, not for the lyrics, concentrating on reading music, listening to the voices blend… it all requires so much attention that I totally get an intense natural high. When I get out of the two hour class, the world looks freaking beautiful. The sky is bluer, the trees greener, … Continue reading I miss school.

Jack Johnson and the great weekend!

This past weekend started on Thursday at 6pm when Boyfriend picked me up from my work. He drove all the way from Riverside, whaddaQT! And we had bomb-diggidy ramen at Shin-sen-gumi, which is my favorite. I love ordering things for him that he’s never had, like kara-age, which is Japanese fried chicken. I love the “WTF?! this is so good” looks he gives me. Poor … Continue reading Jack Johnson and the great weekend!