IM Epiphany

Sometimes I say things that strike SO TRUE!! via AIM. So this is a reminder that once I thought this:

-the part of me that’s the same as always wants, and will, go to Sweden
-but the new part that’s in love does NOT want
-but I figure the new part is fleeting, or can be reconciled, so I’m gonna stick to my forever-me part
-but dude
K-its tooo hard though!
-it IS!
-’cause at an old age, I can just imagine missing my splendid 21st summer
-and I don’t want that
-but, I’ve gotta let me be me
future nostalgic me, sorry in advance
-future still-in-love-with-Sweden&animals me, I’ll get to you!

Conversations about life with Kency, <3.


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