Jack Johnson and the great weekend!

This past weekend started on Thursday at 6pm when Boyfriend picked me up from my work. He drove all the way from Riverside, whaddaQT! And we had bomb-diggidy ramen at Shin-sen-gumi, which is my favorite. I love ordering things for him that he’s never had, like kara-age, which is Japanese fried chicken. I love the “WTF?! this is so good” looks he gives me. Poor boy grew up solely on BBQ & Mexican food- -not that they’re not delicious, but so much more food out there! Whenever I go to his house, I don’t know what to eat, ’cause he’s got things like Apples, Peanut Butter, Spinach, 36 Eggs, and Oatmeal. That’s it. That’s it?? But he, being a QTπ, asked me what I wanted from the store so that I would have things to eat. We went shopping on Friday and I had him get fetuccini, pasta sauce, mushrooms, italian sausage. Mmmm pasta! He said, “Why is your cooking so much better than mine?” It’s ’cause he doesn’t cook, but I’ll take the compliment. :) I like cooking for the boy, even though it feels a little bit housewife-y, because he can’t stop beaming at me- -beams of such sincere appreciation. The puppy, he is just, so, happy!

Friday I went with him to his classes, except I bolted out of one when I got a missed call from Jermababy. And then we chatted on & on and man, I love Jerbear! Then Boyfriend got out of class and stared at the clouds while I chatted, and then Jerma mentioned she was going to Olive Garden and Boyfriend got super hungry and I said a million byebye’s. Hey, hey Jerline, hey.. I love you okay? (OH MAN, I just remembered that I do that ’cause I’m unintentionally copying that guy from Harvest SB..)

I went rock climbing! His mean friend was being mean, but when we went climbing, he stopped being mean and I remembered that he’s a cool kid. & all the adrenaline from climbing (I did the boulders) was great! Happyhappy!

On Saturday!! Was! The Jack Johnson Concert!!!!! DUDE, I LOVE JJ!! I seriously saw a shooting star that night too. JJ played songs from The Mango Tree! Love!! He is great in concert.. cool transitions, no downtime, super chill when he talks, great guest (Paula Fuga, Country Road!! G. Love!!)… OM NOM NOM! Boyfriend bought the concert tickets and never brought up that he paid for them. I don’t know if he understands how much je suis amoureuse de lui. He understands most of it, I think!

(These memories are too sweet, I’m scared of how much I’ll miss them/him.)

We had a BBQ at his dad’s place with his siblings and their dates. ‘Twas delicious! We were all sitting around the table outside and his dad was trying to get his attention but he was telling me something, and the dad said, “I can never get Kyle’s attention, these two are so much in love!” It’s a little awkward, but Boyfriend gave me a grin so yes, yes we are! And it’s great. :)

He drove me all the way back to my house on Monday, skipping class and such, and we had Taiwanese food at my favorite, Ju Ju Shine. He gave me that “OMG WTF so good” look again. Great weekend!

I’m really sick with the cold now, and I’ve been in bed since I got home yesterday. So boring. Please body, beat them bacteria quickly!


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