I miss school.

More specifically, I miss choir.

Singing with direction from a conductor, singing for the notes and melodies, not for the lyrics, concentrating on reading music, listening to the voices blend… it all requires so much attention that I totally get an intense natural high. When I get out of the two hour class, the world looks freaking beautiful. The sky is bluer, the trees greener, the air feels fresh. Man, I miss choir. I have work Tue/Thurs, when University Chorus practices, so even if I were to ‘audit’ the class, I wouldn’t be able to make it. Shucks! Shuuuucks!!

SO looking forward to Winter Quarter! The little everyday accomplishments of being in school are definitely worth the pains… at least from a living-an-inspired-life p.o.v.

Man, I’m totally not ready for life after school. Good thing I plan on staying in this life for a while! YEAHH!


2 thoughts on “I miss school.

  1. i’m not ready for life after high school either. 4 years of college is not enough time for me to figure out what i want to do

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