My life as of late consists of these:

1. Hanging out with Mom.
Sometimes laughing hysterically, sometimes getting fed up with her. I made her cry last week, eeek! I’m not sorry to have put my foot down, but it made me cry too anyway. But I said, “Mommy, stop being so saaad!” and she laughed through her tears, so that was that. Today we ate a lot of Thai food and got a spicy-high and laughed the whole ride to and back. Love!

2. Hanging out with Boyfriend.
I always get withdrawal after ’cause I am so full of endorphins when I’m with Boyfriend. Eeee <3! I like LOVE that he is very much the sum of my three major ‘types’: the goofy & charming of Jack Black, the super chill & music-nerd of Papa, and the studly omNOM of Russell Crowe. What! Dang guys, I totz hit the jackpot! :) On Sunday we sang along to the Beatles for an hour, just dancing around. So niceeee.

3. Hanging out with UCLA friends once a week.
SO refreshing! I miss the college vibe! People walking around, scurrying to class or just hanging out. Mmmm, makes me feel so much more alive than the drab of sitting in an office, repeatedly refreshing the inbox, looking for something to take care of. And friends! Friends are really cool.

Speaking of friends being cool, I have one extra cool friend and it is her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!


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