Thai food

If I had to pick a favorite food, Thai food would def be number 2. (It could be 1, except that I can’t live forevermore without Japanese food, so it couldn’t be 1.) I looooooooveeeeeeeeee Thai food.

AND TODAY, I learned how to make Thai food from a professional Thai chef at his house in Thai Town!! Kang took us to a Thai market and taught us how to make Tom Kha (coconut soup) and Spicy Beef Salad, two of the top three dishes we always order. SO YUMMAY.

The backstory is:
My mom and I know this Thai singer who always does live music at Thai restaurants in Thai Town late at night. Her name is Nong and she is so good at the guitar and singing! Anyway, we see her at restaurants all the time and she always comes to talk to us between her sets. Last week we saw her at Palm Thai, and my mom asked her if she knew any Thai chefs that can teach us how to cook Thai food and she said that her roommate is a chef. So my mom set up a (paid) cooking lesson at their house. The way my mom treats every half-open door as a great opportunity to better herself is usually embarrassing and then really really cool.

I totally conquered a bucket list item today and earned Life Points. Next lesson: Thai fried rice and Papaya salad!!


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