Back in Westwood!!!!

AHHHH I AM SO HAPPY. I love Westwood.
I lost my Carmex today and right now I can’t concentrate on anything but that my lips are chapped. I want to stop all I’m doing and walk to the gas station to get some Carmex, ’cause I can’t concentrate on cleaning the apt or even writing this, ’cause seriously, my mind is wandering to the corner of my room that faces the gas station. I can’t even listen to ‘Sleeping In,’ even though it’s one of my favorite songs. Okay, brb. BUT IT’S RAINING.

So, the gas station doesn’t have Carmex. Good to remember. Yay Rite Aid!
Lucky me I got a ride back ’cause I ran into a friend. I don’t know if it was worth the convenience though, ’cause he was so PO’d about the 5 minute drive over (“I just hate inefficiency.. F* this!! I’m never giving you a ride again.”). Like, really really mad. Whyyy? Oh well, it was raining, so thanks dude!

I was gonna blog more about twenty-ten ending and it now being twenty-eleven, but my room is messy. BBL!


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