Speaking of just wanting to have fun, I went to Coachella this year! Three days in Indio, CA, which is even deeper into the hot desert than Palm Springs. Three days of 6 fantastic stages, music playing all day every day. So many hippies and hipsters, finding the little shade there was to not die of dehydration.

I liked The Aquabats best. They’re a ska rock band, and they are amazing live because they make the concert a show. They had costumed people/things on stage that went with each song! SO FUN! I was toward the front, the moshpit made the concert more exciting. I thought about telling Boy, “My exboyfriend took me to see The Aquabats in LA! That was my second concert ever! So much fun!” but thought better of it.

I liked the sexy that is Erykah Badu. The Strokes was a proper rock band, with the completely inebriated singer word-vomiting between songs. I liked all of it! I like music and people and lit-up stages.

I wanna go to Coachella with my mom, I think that’d be funnest.


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