“You gotta fake it all the way until death!”


Oh my gawd, Julia Sweeney is amazing! She’s a 51yo lady comedian/author who was a cast member on SNL ’90-’94. She is hilarious! I just read the first page of her blog. So smart, so funny!

I listened to the audio of Wits (the link above), and mostly it’s about how terrifying parenting is and how it is really like being put into another world. It’s like how my mom says that no one can ever be prepared for parenting, no matter how long you wait. Like, at any age it’s gonna be terrifying and life-changing. So then I’m like, heck, I want one now! But that’s a life-long commitment, and my future is unpredictable even without a kid, so I guess no, I don’t want one now.

When I have a lot of alone time during the day (no class on Wednesdays!), I become very happy and inspired, ’cause it’s sunny out and I’m looking at pretty things on Google Reader or watching good videos or whatever. So right now, I’m pretty dang optimistic about my future! I’m gonna study the GREs this summer and apply to CA grad schools. And take the LA Zoo Animal Caretaker class whenever that is offered. I gotta call my brother about maybe getting my car back (Mom DID buy it for me! And I need it!). So yes. Julia Sweeney is inspiring and so I am happy. “Surround yourself with things and people who [that?] inspire you.” Okay, will do!


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