Amy Rubin Flett

She lives in Canada with her husband, toddler, a dog and a cow. She makes super cute postcards!

Her etsy profile.

This makes me want to make things: (Actually, I started making a dress this weekend, but I left it half-done. Next time I’m in Torrance I’ll finish it & post it!)

I didn’t care for the concept of ‘home’ until some point last year when Mom wasn’t renting out our rooms and Neo & I were home and we were all in our rooms doing our own thing, just like in high school, and it felt SO nice, so comfy.

I want to get to this point in life:

At first I thought it was going to be a sad postcard (’cause settling down scares me), but then the “spring in her step” at the end made me think. Usually ‘this is it’ has a negative connotation, but in positive, happy-discovery light, it is so extremely positive.

I like her!


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