Birthday happened two day after I got back from Hawaii, whatcrazy!

I broke my phone two days before the end of the trip (just by dropping it on the hotel floor too; no water no shatters no drama but oh so sad. I totally had a dream where it turned back on. My subconscious is kinda cruel.) so it was even crazier ’cause it was all, whoa, I have no one’s number!

The first sentence sounds like my birthdays switch up on me sometimes.

Boyfriend arrived at my door birthday morning with a dozen red roses!! EEEEEeeeeee <3 Then for some reason it was past my meeting time with friendsos??!, but it was all cool 'cause we went to Casa Arigato and it was delicious and I love my friendsos! And then Mommy took us out to Rock Sugar which is asian fusion pretty delicious ness. Except the person who made lassis that night was not as amazing as the person who made my lassis three years ago. What up. Mommy said Rock Sugar was where she planned to have “Layla’s first drink”. I was kinda on a plane last year, but I love finding out that Mommy has all these things she wants to do with/for me. Mommy <3<3<3

And theeeen, off to Sweet Rose Creamery where they homemake everything, including brittle topping and marshmallows. Then a roaring pop-up lion birthday card and a lion bathroom set. EEEEEeee! FRIENDSOS!!

It's weird that the birthday comes after the year. I'm living my 23rd year right now. So a birthday celebration marks the end of one year, but we celebrate it as if it's a beginning, 'cause all this year I'll be saying I'm 22. Would it be weirder to celebrate a 23rd birthday and then say you're 22 the whole year? Yes. I gueeeesssssssss. I kinda liked my “huh, isn’t that weird,” but it’s actually not weird.

Oh! Slow, burning luminescence = glowing?! I want to glow?!
No, I prefer “slow, burning luminescence”.


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