Three days after graduation, I went to Hawai’i!

The nature there >>>>> shopping/food there, by FAR. A little sad about the food thing. I want to go to Thailand. But kayaking to an island! Having sea turtles greet us as we kayaked along!! Hiking to a waterfall and then meditating under it in bikinis! OH OH! Their chocolate macadamia nut coconut pancakes are SO delicious; one redeeming point for Hawaiian cuisine. Everyone thought we were locals. The locals thought we were locals. Three Japanese girls and three Filipinos — yeaup, definitely local.

We rented a car, so I drove a lot! People drive right on or under the speed limit; I got so used to it that even yesterday when I drove to Hollywood I was driving at barely 65. Apparently it’s the hang-loose thing. Their traffic signs have “minimum 40mph” written on them. Hilarious!! And cute!

I like driving. It made the trip extra fun ’cause I learned the streets. We stayed on Oahu for the 5 days we were there, and we did an almost whole-island loop as a day-trip. The whole thing in one day, dude. Small islands are weird. But they’re also really AWEsome ’cause wherever we stopped on Kamehameha Hwy there was a beach or a lookout point with ≥180° of huge ocean.

We also snorkeled! The beaches are so nice and pretty and warm, I cringe when I think about Redondo Beach. Colorful coral fishes vs clinging seaweed. Sea turtles napping vs dying flies. Cringe.

I didn’t know anything about Hawaii before I left. It had a much weirder culture than I thought, both locally (White is minority but still most powerful, thus kinda not as welcomed) and touristically (SO MANY Japanese girls looking for American hubbies). So I’m glad I’m an asian girl. And dang I love L.A.

BUT OH, the rainbows were so cute!


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