I’m good at a lot of things.

And I want to prove these qualities in a tangible way.

I’m great at Minesweeper. I could enter a contest. Or better yet, start a contest. But are there enough interested people? There are always interested people.

I’m into singing. I have one song on YouTube (mostly embarrassing, but now it’s cute ’cause it’s Young Me) and I wanna add more but I wanna get better at Ukulele and I want a proper mic.

I like writing, so this is good. But I wanna write about things that are bigger than me.

I like being a leader in small groups because I like deciding what is best for all. But I know people who have more experience than me and so it is obvious to me that I am not a leader. But I’m good at deciding!

I am really great with animals! I’m certain that this is true, but 1. only people who see me with an animal they are familiar with recognize this, and 2. what’s the point of proving this? I just wanna a plaque that says “Layla is recognized by the Animals as being Great With Animals.”

I am good at tasting and smelling! Granted, I can see how at least half of the population thinks they are good at this, but I am like, at least “smell tester” quality. By that I mean, I saw a show where people from a chemical company go out to an orange grove and decide the differences between dif orange species based on taste/smell/feel, and make those favors using chemistry. I can test the smells for authenticity! I can!!

I sew dresses but I don’t care to make to sell, because I don’t measure size when I make mine. My latest one is really cute but I have passed the time where it’s approp to post on FB to say “I made a new dress!” because it’s been over a month.

I want a self sufficient home, but land costs money. DID YOU KNOW: until very recently (last year?), China had no property tax. The dream!
Oops I almost started a whole another post there! Good night!

Oh, and cooking! I’m quite good! Though I’m plateauing ’cause I gotta venture out to more foods, more spices. And technique. Restaurant is still a ways, I suppose.

Though I just though today about having a convenience store that is cheap but delicious and eclectic lunch food! Like bento and handmade burritos and bowls. With ever changing menus and fresh vegetables! I would only need a small space and a cashier.

Whoa, becoming another post again. I have my marine mammal internship from 8am so sleepy time!


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