Kyle’s in class for three hours, so:

I just cried a couple tears at this Coffee Bean at the story of Reggie the black lab (Jerma.. D’:) I hope people bought my I’m-just-yawning while I wiped them away. Actually, I don’t think anyone saw.

Gonna see a lot of friends next week! Yee!! And I have GREAT plans toward the end of summer — a wedding in New Hampshire for Jasmine and Taiwan&Thailand with Jennypoo!

I want to stop dreaming. At least until it gets cooler, ’cause this Inland Empire heat gives me the most frustrating dreams. I wake up really annoyed, cranky, unable to smile. (Wait, maybe that’s just me every morning..) I just wanna be nice, I promise!

This is an adorable 3-month teacup chihuahua named Jennifer.


She is really playful and fearless and SO TINY<;333 so tiny, actually, that she almost died when that big German Shephard accidentally pushed(?) her. She bled a lot and everyone thought she was gonna die, but I did not. She was whimpering, but she was breathing and her heart was beating strongly. I told them she just needs water and a lot of sleep, but they took her to the vet anyway, who gave her an IV and extra vitamins. I think it's my bio education that made me so calm and confident that she was gonna be fine. Later they thanked me for being grounded so they didn't panic. I'm glad I got that part of my personality from my dad.

I'm re-reading Catch-22 and really, it’s the funniest book! Even funnier than Bossypants, which I love. It’s, uh, silly insanity? Sort of like Dinosaur Comics! 22yo me loves it even more than 14yo me.

I’m turning 23 this year. WHAT TO DOOO!? So exciting!!


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