I saw the Morrissey concert two nights ago in San Diego. IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!!

Morrissey is the singer of The Smiths who went on as a solo artist because his guitarist left. The Smiths was pretty much Morrissey though, so the music stays pretty consistent. Morrissey is depressing and full of sorrow and needs love like a sad ugly puppy, even though he’s old now, and was never ugly. He is notorious for not showing up to his shows, so we half-expected that, but he did show up! I think he wanted to feel loved on his birthday.

He sang great songs and was HILARIOUS in between. Whatever he was on, he was ON it. “Today is a special day… Today is the celebration of Saint.. Saint Rita. […] She is my guide.” I was laughing so hard, happily, because Boy was LOVING it. Boy is in love with Morrissey, and it was so fun to see his big big smile and eyes twinkling at Morrissey. 

Towards the end Morrissey hoped to us that ‘we would think of him when we got home, in our beds, with our arms over our covers’. I’ve thought about him these two nights, because he just wants to exist in our hearts. 

At the encore, things got CRAZY and I cried because the crowd went wild and people in the pit started scampering up to the stage, and they wouldn’t stop, and TWICE the guards couldn’t hold back the guys and they ran up and hugged Morrissey with all their love and Morrissey was bewildered and amazed that these people needed him so and held hands with one getting pulled away by the guard. Those of us up on the bleachers were so excited by each attempt and so it was the whole stadium and Morrissey against these guards who kept us fans apart from the artist, and things were happening so fast and lovers were being pulled apart, and then it ended when the song ended and Morrissey bowed off the stage, and left me just stunned with a big lump and overwhelmed tears. JUST SO HAPPY, I LOVE LOVE!


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