It’s 3:33, make a wish! To sleep earlier?

So I went to Thailand and Taiwan in Spetember!

I drew over the picture to study real proportions. I wanna get back into drawing, but better.

I downloaded an app (ArtStudio) to doodle with; it’s a pretty powerful program (layers!) considering it’s free. I want a stylus so I can doodle better, but then it’s silly ’cause I have a tablet for drawing.

I’m in school again, which I love! And I’m better at it! This time feels more real, because a PhD pushes boundaries. It’s not just learning, but also discovering; at the end of my next however many years, I’ll have a book of things I’ve researched that no one else has ever done. So cool!

I’m glad everything else in my life is very grounded, that I’m somewhere familiar, close to friends and family.


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