Stats and Programming

I got an A+ in my stats course!! Haven’t seen those since high school! It made me really happy, but I think it made my boyfriend even happier. It made me happy because it reminds me of how much I love math.

Which is cool, because my first research assignment is on modeling. Which is to write a simulation program on a programming software (in my case, R). I’m really good at it! I think it’s got a lot to do with how little making errors bothers me (call me Layla “Patience” H). Also I’m good at reading coding and figuring out what parts do what. This is not going to be impressive for most of my friends (who are engineers), but I’m impressed and so is the professor who is acting as a consultant to my PI and me on this particular research. Apparently both these professors are really intense/well known/super-published. Apparently, because another grad student told me, and sometimes when I’m reading stuff, these professors will be cited.

Anyway, so I was like, Huh, maybe I should’ve been a mathematician (Mr. Roulette would’ve been happy) or computer engineer (Ms. Kim would’ve been happy). And then I realize, I’m so happy I get to work with animals! We’re breeding mice right now, the colony should be producing babies soon! Biology rocks! Especially EEOB (evolution, ecology, organismal biology)!

Another happy school post. But it is 3am, so that’s the other side of school. (That I secretly like.)


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