Recently I made two acrylic paintings.


Jellyfish1 by Layla

This was done on a 15×30. I liked it so much, I got more canvases to do more jellies. Right now I am working on a darker one with box jellies (Cubozoa).


Vivi by Layla

This is my beloved cat, Vivi. She died last June and I miss her.

Acrylic is really fun and easy because you can let it dry and sort of start over if there are any mistakes. I would like to someday get watercolor right. I also want to work on a piece with a real background, maybe after a couple more Cnidaria.


4 thoughts on “

    1. Thank you!
      I’ve debated it. :D
      I do plan on eventually selling some paintings on etsy. I want a good collection beforehand though, so that I can put up a lot at once? ‘Cause I paint very sporadically. Though if there was a demand at a high price..

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