Recently I made two acrylic paintings.   This was done on a 15×30. I liked it so much, I got more canvases to do more jellies. Right now I am working on a darker one with box jellies (Cubozoa).   This is my beloved cat, Vivi. She died last June and I miss her. Acrylic is really fun and easy because you can let it … Continue reading

It’s 3:33, make a wish! To sleep earlier?

So I went to Thailand and Taiwan in Spetember! I drew over the picture to study real proportions. I wanna get back into drawing, but better. I downloaded an app (ArtStudio) to doodle with; it’s a pretty powerful program (layers!) considering it’s free. I want a stylus so I can doodle better, but then it’s silly ’cause I have a tablet for drawing. I’m in … Continue reading It’s 3:33, make a wish! To sleep earlier?

“Culture of Distraction”

1. As a culture, we’ve got a crisis of attention. We’re becoming a distracted culture… one that is disconnected from one another. And I want to talk about what’s causing it.
2. What are we losing – of ourselves, of our relationships to one another, of what in many ways, I would say, our humanity.
3. What can we do about it. If we all feel it, is there anything we can do to stop it. Or, is it out of our control.

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I saw the Morrissey concert two nights ago in San Diego. IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Morrissey is the singer of The Smiths who went on as a solo artist because his guitarist left. The Smiths was pretty much Morrissey though, so the music stays pretty consistent. Morrissey is depressing and full of sorrow and needs love like a sad ugly puppy, even though he’s old … Continue reading Morrissey