Gyoza, natto, and.. mashed potatoes! Yayyy deenerrr

I wish the days would hurry up in getting longer. I miss the sun! (SO scared for Swedish winters..)

I always thought I was more of an introvert, but do those things change? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I’ve switched over to extrovert. I like being by myself in a busy cafe, I don’t like being alone in an apartment. Except!!, if it’s sunny, I am totes down to be anywhere, inside or out, by myself. Thus the wishing of longer days.

I’m only here for another week and two days (NICARAGUA ON THE 20TH!!), so it seems inconvenient to buy a bag of rice, but I have none and it makes everything so difficult! I plan my day around food, so if I can’t come up with what to eat for dinner, I can’t start my homework, ’cause I know eventually I’m gonna have to eat something. Rice is wonderful because a bowl of rice is meal-enough for me. And I bought furikake, so it’s most DEF a good dinner. Three bowls of rice+furikake and I am a happy camper. I just remembered that they had no Japanese rice at the market in Sweden.. gotta do some asian market searching there!

Okay, to homework/readings!

PS. I made the mashed potatoes in the microwave and it is deLIcious. 1. Peel/cut 3 medium potatoes into smashable/bite-size pieces. 2. Put in microwave-friendly bowl and add a tlirrrp of milk (like, 3 tbs?). 3. Cover with saran wrap and heat on high for 5 minutes. Milk might froth and spill. 4. Mash, add oil/butter, salt/pepper, anything, to taste. 5. YUM!


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